• Isolate & Purify Proteins: Protein Expression Vectors, Cell Lysis and Protein Extraction Columns, Affinity Purification Columns, Immunoprecipitation, Dialysis and Desalting Columns
  • Detect & Measure Proteins

     Protein Assays

  1. Electrophoresis: Acrylamide, Protein Standards and Markers, Buffers & Reagents, Precast gels.
  2.  Staining: Comassive blue Staining, Silver Staining and Fluorescent Protein Staining.
  3.   Western Blotting: Membranes, Blotting Kits, Buffers & Reagents, Molecular Weight Markers, Autoradiography            Cassettes, autoradiography fixer/replenisher/ developer and Hyper film ECL.
  4. ELISA Kits: Direct ELISA, Indirect ELISA and Sandwich ELISA.
  5. Antibodies: Primary Antibodies, Secondary Antibodies, Antibody Purification and Antibody Labelling.
  6. Mass Spectrometry and HPLC: Columns, Solvents and Standards.
  • Label & Link Proteins: Proteins Crosslinkers, Modifying Reagents for Amino Acids, Fluorescent Labeling kits, PEGylation reagents and Biotinylation kits and reagents.
  • Cell Separation: Magnetic Particle Separation.
  • Crystallization: Blocks, Tubes, Suites, Sealing tapes, Foils and µPlates.