1. Genetic Identity

  • Sample Preparation for Genetic Identity.
  • Short tandem repeat (STR) Analysis for Forensic and Paternity Testing.
  • DNA Quantitation for Genetic Identity.
  • Sex Identification Systems.
  • Biochemical Reagents.

2. Forensic DNA Extraction Kit from Human identity and reference samples

Sample type – Buccal Swabs, Blood, Blood Cards, and Saliva.

3. DNA from Forensic Casework and Crime-Scene Sample

Bone, Chewing gum, Cigarette butts, Fingerprints, Gastric Contents, Hair, Nail Scrapings, Saliva, Sexual assault samples, Shed Skin cells, Soil, Stain on Fabric, Stamps, Stool, Surface and contract Swabs, Teeth, Human Tissues.

4. Separation Products

Specimen Collection Paper, FTA Cards and Clone Saver Cards.

5. Human Identification PCR Kit.